Judith Matloff has pioneered safety training for media workers around the world. She has taught workshops in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States.

Clients have included NBC, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, United Nations, Society of Professional Journalists, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, International News Safety Institute, State Department, Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Periodistas de a Pie, Cencos, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, BRITDOC and DCTV.

Modules: cyber security, risk assessment, contingency planning, civil unrest, violent crime, sexual assault prevention, trauma and responsible coverage of victims. She also partners with military medics to provide combat first aid training.

Languages: fluent Spanish and Portuguese, basic Russian.


"Judith brings her tremendous experience as a journalist who has worked in some of the world's most dangerous places. She has been at the forefront of recognizing the importance of both physical and emotional health in any safety training. We admire Judith’s ability to guide students through very difficult material with authority, empathy and wit -- an invaluable combination that has won her fans around the world."

Jane Hawkes, co-founder of the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma

"I lack words to thank you for the time you devoted to speak with us and share your knowledge about coverage of zones of violence. Our colleagues were left very moved and impressed by this experience and the ability to express our concerns to others who understand what they mean. These two days made clear the urgency with which we need to become more capacitated in the themes of trauma and interviews with victims of violence."

Daniela Pastrana, Executive Secretary, Red de Periodistas de a Pie, Mexico

"Columbia Journalism School has enjoyed its collaboration with Judith because she is viewed so authoritatively by the journalists she trains. She has a unique mix of experience as a seasoned journalist who worked in numerous locations around the world, long experience as a trainer in conjunction with other world-known experts and institutions, and strong familiarity with the educational process as a professor in a major journalism school. It is not just for our seasoned veterans in Continuing Education, but our degree students, as well, because she has long taught a popular but critical course on safely reporting in places like the Middle East, Latin America and Africa that are afflicted by conflict."

Ernest R. Sotomayor, Dean of Student Affairs & Continuing Education Programs

"We recently worked together on a project to reach in an online course more than 100 reporters and editors from the areas of Mexico that have been most affected by the current wave of violence. Ms. Matloff was fundamental for the success of the program and demonstrated clearly not only the expertise but also cultural sensibility that allows her to communicate in an efficient way with Mexican journalists and academics."

Rosental C. Alves,Director, Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, the University of Texas at Austin

"It was such a joy to attend the class (at Columbia.) The course was incredibly informative and helpful. It is things like your course that make me proud to be a journalist and hopeful for the industry. It will make the next generation safer, wiser and more informed."

Andrew Burton, photographer for Getty Images